Be Wise

Kiko Suarez, PhD


Senior advisor to leaders and organizations worldwide

Dr. Kiko Suarez has worked as an executive for two global companies, including CEMEX, the world’s largest building materials supplier, as global Director of Public Affairs; and DuPont as Director of Corporate Marketing and Public Affairs for the Europe, Middle East and Africa region. Kiko has represented his employers in delicate international transactions before governments and organizations such as the United Nations, European Union and the Inter-American Development Bank.

He also has a depth of entrepreneurial experience, including being owner and CEO of two of companies (Hypermedia Systems and Agoge Sports), Chief Marketing Officer and President East Coast for NextPhase Wireless Inc., and a senior advisor for startups like vibeffect and VR Americas.

With his passion for education and creating shared value, Kiko has also served as Vice President of Communications and Innovation for Lumina Foundation, the largest private foundation with the national goal of raising the percentage of Americans with quality post-secondary credentials to 60%.

New Book Coming Soon

Be Wise: The Value of Wisdom in the Information Age

“I believe that wisdom is not reserved for a few enlightened individuals; we are born to be wise. Our wisdom system comes to this world empty, and it’s up to us to nurture it, feed
it with living and professional experiences. This book reveals the main dimensions of our wisdom system found in research, as well as practical advice on how to develop and nurture them.”